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Welcome to Heavenly Cakes!

This is a family business where our cakes are made from scratch, by hand, by real people and not machines.

We use the best possible ingredients, Belgian Chocolate, British Butter, Free Range Eggs and absolutely no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Our cakes were inspired by my mum and mum in law -  we still keep loyal to my mums' traditional values today. I think I might get in trouble if I didn't!

In fact our logo is my lovely Mother in law,Martha!

My son Sam has recently joined the company, so it is now in it's third generation.

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers, so please don't be shy and please do call us for any questions.

Kindest regards,
Maeve Green 
Managing Director 

Summertime 2017
Rose All Butter Shortbread

A taste of English Summertime with a hint of rose added to our traditional all butter shortbread, dredged with caster sugar and decorated with real rose petals, crystallised and edible. 

Makes a display look very Summer like - even if it's raining outside!

Lemon & Lavender Shortbread

Lavender used to be grown in the fields around Hitchin, Hertfordshire and was made into hats in nearby Luton. There's not many lavender fields now but that hasn't stopped us from creating this fab cake!

Our all butter shortbread is flavoured with Lavender oil and a hint of lemon to balance the lavender, dredged with caster sugar plus edible lavender flower heads.

This goes great with Earl Grey tea.

Neopolitan Shortbread

Inspired by everyone's favourite ice-cream, our all butter shortbread is flavoured with vanilla, strawberry & chocolate and topped off with triple chocolate layer with sprinkles.

This is popular with kids and big kids

Strawberry & White Chocolate Brownie

Our award winning gluten free brownie with Belgian white chocolate chunks, strawberry syrup and strawberry pieces

Looks great, tastes great and smells amazing!

Coconut Ice

 If you like coconut you're going to love this! Chocolate and coconut base with coconut cream and Belgian white chocolate on top.

An eye catching cake for your summer display.

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