Seasonal Range

We at Heavenly Cakes feel our seasonal selections are what set us apart. We use holidays and events to try new things and keep our selection ahead of the game. We have 13 seasonal opportunites coming up this year with multiple cakes for each that we know you'll love.

Have a look at our old flyers and see that we are constantly improving both our online presence and the amazing cakes we produce!

Happy New Year 2018

NEW! Cherry & Coconut Flapjack

Our gluten free flapjack blended with natural cherries and coconut. You would never guess it's dairy free too!

NEW! Treacle Tart

An old school favourite and most definitely comfort food, perfect for this time of year. This one has a hint of orange and it's dairy free too!

NEW! Cherry & Walnut Tiffin

A new twist on our ever popular tiffin. This one is made with crunchy gluten free shortcake biscuits, walnuts and natural cherries with Belgian Dark chocolate and finished with freeze dried raspberries. Gluten Free & dairy free.

NEW! Date & Oat Crumble

We've got Apple Crumble, we've got Blueberry Crumble - now we have Date crumble! This one has a juicy layer of sweet dates and topped with dairy free crumble and brown sugar.

NEW! Granola Flapjack

Our Granola has had a make over! Now dairy free as well as gluten free, it is packed with sunflower & pumpkin seeds, sweet cranberries & sultanas with a hint of cinnamon. 

NEW! Date & Walnut Flapjack

Sweet dates & walnuts are a classic combination. We have teamed these up with our great gluten free flapjack for a dairy free and gluten free treat!

Check out our Seasonal Gallery below for the history of Heavenly Cakes' innovation!

Maybe you can spot some of the popular ones that made it to our standard selection because our customers couldn't stop buying them?

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